The Birthday. Unwrapped.

11/29/2011, 4:00 pm: AaJohns arrives at my spot, thus breaking the code of silence that everyone had sworn to… Enj and Cc both kept their end of the bargain. AaJohns on the other hand…was the weaker link. He didn’t mention anything, but he definitely didn’t go out unnoticed. Took the mic from the mini studio set up that’s at my house. When I asked how should I dress, he said “don’t wear pants/jeans…sorta treat it like Sunday or church.” Me — whaaa? A: well not church church, but… #fail. LOL.

6:30pm: sKing hits me up to tell me she will be a little late. I’m cool I was dressed and looking fiiine. I still have to find the pictures from the day. She told me we would hang out.

7pm: She arrives, freshens up, and off we go. Along the way, I get a few phone calls which were odd, but weren’t peculiar because it was my birthday.

7:15pm: I walk into a room full of people!! My friends rented out my favorite Caribbean restaurant!!! Full on dinner…curry chicken, potatoes, rice and peas, cabbage, roti bread, fish, and plantain.. They had a private performance from one of my favorite “God rap” artists. He did my fav song “God’s girl”… the cake was amazing!!

9:30pm: party was over. but MAN!


This party erased so many BAD birthday memories. Parties thrown by other people in my honor are usually bad. Like I’ve had so many bad parties…where like they got chocolate cake when my fav is yellow cake. #fail.


This this birthday was…. simply perfect.

Tausha, sKing, Produckal, Cc, AaJohns, Enj, ‘FiB, Wil & Geta, J&J…. =)

I know my little people were mad that they couldn’t come, but…. its all good. You were missed!



One thought on “The Birthday. Unwrapped.

  1. Wow! Now I can exhale. I felt that you were genuinely happy with what we did, but I was so leary in the process because you made me vow “never” to do a party for you. Thank you for receiving it so well. I feel like you erased so many of my doubts uncertainties and major frustrations around the planning process. You are deeply loved and we really needed you too know that. WAY TO GO ENJ! This was truly her baby. Love Cc

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