And my mic don’t stop…check one, two..awh yeah, push up my treble..


For one full year, I’ve known, loved and watched this [my] baby grow. And it’s been hard.. had some setbacks, some victories, some things that cost a lil, and even to this day, doubt still exists. But tonight, we got a great stamp of approval from a wide audience..

We performed poetry [spokenword] in front of a mixed audience…they had singers, gospel hip hop artists and other people doing spokenword [shoutout to Enj!], and some poetry won! A lil piece, written over a yr ago, inspired by a conversation even older than that — won.God truly is amazing.

A year…wow..

:::switching gears:::

Today, I was able to give some roses to a person who, while they were a direct part of my life, didn’t “please” me, but said and planted some seeds that matured some seasons later. It was good to talk with an old friend and just spend some time showering them with some words of encouragement. I don’t know how easy/hard it is to look on the past with new eyes, changed impressions or renewed ideas. But today, we were able to do that. And it felt good.

Ministry of reconciliation, in action. =)

I don’t know…who God’s changed me to be, has been fabulous. And I can’t wait to see what other parts come forth. On days like this, where I feel miles away from the things that are currently trying to drag me down, invincibility is seated right next to me.

— today was a GREAT day.

Cheers to zR, my baby, being one years old, this weekend. The surprise went well, it was all great. Thank you Cc for hanging out and speaking so eloquently. Thank you AJ for your laughter and constant companionship along this journey. What was “just the two of us,”‘ has turned into something bigger than either of us could see, on the eve of 10/25/2010, when the name was God given to this group. Thank you Enj for seeing the wind and the spirit of this group, and picking it up. I can’t wait to create works with you. I can’t wait to see you put in more work with us. I can’t wait for the rest of the “I can’t wait till’s” become “Remember when’s”..

I love you all…

And to every person who believed in me, when I didn’t think that it was going to happen — ryTel, you kept me hungry… pushing music at me LOL. Thank you for being consistent at that! I hope one day to be apart of the artists that you’re throwing and suggesting to people!! Mr. Smith — it started in 2006. Thanks for getting back off the elevator. I’m not sure if I’d even have walked through several doors if it wasn’t for your encouragement. Kevy — one of the coldest spokenword artist’s I know. Smh… I STILL wanna be like you growing up. Annnnd, I’ve got some new heat, if you’ve got time to listen.. LOL. Sidenote: shoutout to the Nut, for throwing my path off track wide enough to let me swing around and catch some amazing people!! lmbo. I know, I’m crazy.

FiB — smh. You are the perfect friend for a long road trip; the proper lighting for a great picture; miracle grow for a dying flower….You spoke life into my dry season. You are the good that I found in adversity, a sister bred through hard times and the one person ______ enough to see me.

Stay Fresh,


One thought on “And my mic don’t stop…check one, two..awh yeah, push up my treble..

  1. Wow. They say you can’t to drive forward while looking in the rear view mirror. To me a quick glance helps us to appreciate where have have come. Toast to all you have overcome and to all you have comeover! God is faithful. Can’t wait to hear what strides will come with the next year!

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