I’ll take your ash, and raise you beauty.

Beauty for ashes…beauty for ashes..

A year and a half after a life changing event, and I’m still surprised at the way God has reconstructed my heart…my mind… Things I thought I would never do, I’ve done. I’m simply thankful that I’m able to forgive and move on in a meaningful way.

But on days like this, I sometimes rub the “scars” and think about how much it hurt back then. I think about my mind-set and where I would have been. And that’s how I know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much. I wasn’t “down with God” when I was going through. I was definitely in my own pit; or so I thought. I know friends and family who were praying for me, and Christ answered their prayers. Like the prodigal son, I came to my senses and left the situation I was in; not without much drama of course! (After all, what’s the life of the young and gifted without drama?!)

On my sad days, I wish that I would’ve avoided the situation that changed my life all-together. On the days like this, where I’m thankful for everything, I see how avoiding the situation/not going through it, would’ve drastically altered my path to this very moment. Half of the people who are dear to me now, I would NOT have known. And I can say that with assurity. I would have either a) not been in the area; b) not been doing what I’m doing or c) a combination of them all. But God.

I think about the scores of people who I know and talk to, over the years, who have zero clue about it…and if they did know, I think about the reactions of some people who were close who I did tell. Mixed bag of reactions, so it’s easier to let the past die and not re-create what could turn out to be bad, lol. But for the new people who come into my life, it’s definitely been a testimony and has helped me skyrocket my relationship with Christ.

So all in, He’s definitely traded my ashes for beauty. And this weekend, I’ll get to thank one person who helped in a non-traditional way too. I’m all about giving roses while people are alive…and after struggling with this one, I will have a cool convo. I doubt I will do a big reveal, but, I’m just going to be in tune with what God is telling me to do. #prayforasista.



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