Break it dowwwnnnn

Recently I had to talk with a non-engineer about the systems that were implemented in several of our plants. I found myself trying to grab a good analogy to break down something quite complex into something he could understand…over company IM, no less.

Definitely was a doozy. He then thanked me for the morning engineering class. Funny.

I am listening to an older GOP debate, and Herman Cain said that the EPA’s dust regulation is evidence that they’re not doing the right things. Does Herman Cain not know about the dust explosions which kill people in factories each year? Sigh… I know you know politics, but…


I don’t know. Perhaps I’m overly critical. I don’t know why people have the aspirations that they do, to be president. It’s an insane desire to be liked and appreciated. Unless of course, they believe everything they say…


Ho hum.


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