The Truth About Relationships…

The truth about relationships is that the art of getting to know someone, should never die.

There was a line in the movie "Love Jones" where Larenz Tate’s character says ‘Romance is about the possibility of Love… when people say that the romance is dead, that’s not what they’re really saying. What they’re really saying is, they’ve exhausted the possibility." And to his point, I believe that he’s absolutely correct. There’s something about getting to know someone, knowing someone and using that to their advantage (to motivate them, etc) that’s like nothing else in this world.

There are things that happen in relationships, that I feel, should stay between those two people. Couples who want to share all their business with the world, I often wonder what they keep for themselves? When you see pictures of everything, or reality tv shows, I wonder… where’s the intimacy, if the walls are always listening?

Perhaps I’ve gotten sick of seeing the infatuation that people have with the "love" lives of celebrities like Kim Kardashian. While I don’t know her/her love, I do get tired of people obsessing over it. Give me a break. You can’t possibly want to share what God’s given to you with the world… that much. Even if you do believe that he’s the best thing since sliced bread. It’s just not that public.

Or maybe I’m just old fashioned. I wouldn’t want to share my man with the world. You won’t see honeymoon pics posted on Facebook. You won’t catch people in the birthing room. You won’t see me have a wedding with a million people. It’s not happening. There are some moments that will forever be just for me and just for him. People get upset and frustrated by Jay-Z and Beyonce’s lack of talking about their relationship in the beginning or saying that they’re just friends. Regardless of the why, I do feel that they didn’t lie. At the end of the day, who is your partner, if not your friend?

And that’s the truth.


3 thoughts on “The Truth About Relationships…

  1. You are not old fashioned, you are just intimate. Everything is not for everyone to see. Sometimes social media just takes things too far. It is awesome when people don’t get to see everything, it makes your relationship more mysterious. More secret moments to savor. More “pinkie swears”….ya know….Keep our secrets tween ourselves…..ok maybe I am old fashioned too! lol! preciate u tots!

    • Thanks Aajohns. I appreciate the support. There are too many moments that should be marked “private” or “confidential” that people broadcast. Close friends and family *do* get a close look, but even then, their eyes are shielded to some things. I suppose more people, these days are involved in relationships, because we have trouble hearing ourselves think. Often times, between work emails, cell phone calls, text conversations with friends, or games we play to “occupy our time” we don’t spend time hearing what our inner heart is saying.

      So we invite people into our relationships. And two can’t walk together unless they first agree. But we know the more people you have to get to agree, the harder it becomes. I’m not saying to not seek counsel, but I think you get the gist. .. (this wasn’t meant to be a new post! LOL)

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