A Glimpse…

If I got a glimpse into a part of my life, without getting the whole story, how would that change the decisions I make? For example, if I knew that after graduation, I would have debt from student loans, would I choose that University? Or, if I knew that I would not be living what I thought was the “ideal” life of my late teens/early 20s, would I make different partner and life choices to get the more glamorous end or the better paying job? Would I take a look at the spiritual peaks, be like my parents and decide to enter seminary? Or, would I abandon my faith all together, if I, while standing on the mountain, took a look at how low I could sink into the valley?

What would I do with a piece of information? Just a single piece of information.

Would I see the car I drive and steer straight ahead for that? Or, would I become absorbed in the next toy, gadget or achievement and rely solely on me? Would I become unhappy with my position with my music and decide to pursue that completely and earlier than I did in my current path of life?

What would I do?

And that is how dangerous a single piece of information, taken outside of its proper context, really is.

I can draw so many parallels to what I’m saying, but the best one is Eve. The enemy gave her a single piece of information, which was presented out of context. This makes me think about my life and the many things I may have taken out of context. How many times, did I take a stitch of information, and turned it into a garment? A garment built on something that doesn’t run true.


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