Im out of control….

“He took away everything and now He’s my everything..”

This line from one of my favorite songs stuck out to me today. Sure, I’ve played this song at least 100 times, but why today?

As I began to worship, and think about Gods value in my life, I began to see how he systematically took the ‘things’ away, to reveal who I truly was. And, depending on when you start the observation, you will see how intense this taking away of everything has been.

We always rejoice when a child comes to Christ. But for the children with “old souls” their level of understanding and subsequently the enemys’ attack on them, is also intensified.

I was one of those kids. And because of age, I went through your standard child appropriate teachings of how to walk with Christ. I can say that I valued my own abilities and gave Christ “credit” but not the way perhaps I should have.

I valued the things people generally value. Intelligence, skill, ability to work/connect with others, etc. God had lots of trimming to do. Ok ok ok…..hacking. Lol.

But now that all the “big” things have been taken away, I can see a deep, inner level of who Christ is to me. All of me…..not just the imperfect or “defective” parts of me. He literally is my everything. The one who makes my strong areas impregnable. The one who builds bricks out of my broken pieces. The one who takes my pictures off of his fridge and puts them into frames, between the success points of life.

He took away my feelings of personal me-ness and created a being who is wholly committed. He’s got a lock on my heart and its a DNA based combination. …

So I’m pleased to announce that I’m out of control… To the one who’s in control of the universe.

*hugs* I love my Daddy!


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