Do man’s changes to the way the world works, “change” God?

If God stays the same and never changes, and the world is in a constant state of change… is God relevant?

This is a question a lot of people face when they look at their lives and the complexity of them. Granted, boiled down, all problems that we have now, are similar to problems societies have faced since the dawn of time. The only difference, which is a major one, is the level of complexity.

Our problems appear to be calculus, while the problems of ore were addition. But, the same rules are supposed to apply, right? After all, watered down to basics, calculus and differential equations are based off of limits, which, in essence are based off of elementary math (sums/additions) of very small pieces of a large and daunting puzzle. (I’m an enginerd…)

So our problems are large and daunting addition problems which carry massive implications. But does that mean that we can still proceed with a God that the “same”? It sounds rather boring and irrelevant, right?

I could proceed and go down such a skeptical path that you’d swear I wasn’t a Christian. But I am. A proud one at that! So what makes the same God of “fairy-tale Israel” relevant to 20th century global economies? Well for starters, things are virtually the same. There is still war, economies failing, politics, scandal, supply, demand, families, debauchery, cooties/disease and famine. There are still very rich people and people who die because they cannot afford food. So if all the of categories are the same, the a God who was around back then makes EVEN MORE sense to have around now.

Drilling into the categories, people are still people. There are only so many types of things a human can experience within their own person. And since the dawn of time, God has fashioned us to deal with those things: stress, cold, heat, love, passion, hate, fear, loneliness, sadness, sickness… So if we have only a variety of things to deal with (I know, your situation is unique and falls under many more categories…but hear me out), then again, having a God with experience sure as heck matters all the more. Imagine if you prayed to God, and he said back “Well Tina, you’re the first person in history to ever handle and deal with this…I don’t know what you should do, and furthermore, I don’t know how to help you through this. Sorry kid, I hate to say this, but, you’re on your own… we all-knowings just do Not have a reference point…”

Say WHAT?!?

I guess the new age gods and the wisdom of the current worlds are ok for some, but I’m game for the tried and true CHRIST. JC and his crew have got My back!


One thought on “Do man’s changes to the way the world works, “change” God?

  1. wow… interesting concept you’be got going here… now, if only the politicians and the wealthy could only see the flip side, the fact that we as a race are far more capable than we were back then and by sharing the wealth how much more productive we can be…

    I’m just saying.

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