Don’t confuse the synthetic as the real deal.

Don’t confuse adaptation for intention or seduction for reality… ~Elousia (God) from the book “The Shack”


Adaptation for intention… I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard the words ‘humans/people’ ‘adapt’ and very good/well’ in the same sentence. The sentence/speaker most often implied that humans adapt to whatever environment you put them in, quite well. It’s the same reason why there are people (humans) who can live in extremely cold environments and those who can live in brutally hot ones. When you think about it, animals and flowers aren’t this adaptive.


In the quote above, God is speaking to one of his children and talking about how we often confuse adaptation for intention. For example, well there’s evil in the world, so God created evil. No, we’ve adapted to dealing with evil; it’s not that God created it. But there are tons of things and ways that we have adapted ourselves to live and subject our bodies, minds and spirits to experiencing that God had no intention of us to do so.


My opposite-argument mind is reeling at the fact of this being a purity discussion. And in some regards, it is: guarding our mind, heart, ear, sight and touch-gates. But it, in deeper levels isn’t.


There are some things, which the “human” should not have had to adapt to. And those things were not apart of the Master’s plan. I’m not going to talk about ALL of humanity right now, but, I’ll just focus on me. If I focus on growing up – I’m one of the millions of kids out there who can sadly say that their parents divorced. So, here’s an example of adaptation, not intention. Granted, people break up for millions of reasons: I’m not going into the philosophical argument. I’m just suggesting that the way God desired us to choose our mates would lead to kingdom/covenant relationships and not broken marriages. If I look at my “later” yrs (hahaha like I’m old right?) there are tons of things that I didn’t handle well, but adapted to my bad habits or defensive mechanisms to avoid getting hurt by all the “real” people out there.


This raises a good question: If God realizes that we have adapted to this world of sin, are there ‘new’ things that he’s intended for us? As in, since the game has changed, are the rules still the same? (Feel free to comment on this – I’m not going to list my opinion..)


Now onto the whole seduction aspect. Seduction is not reality… Man, this could go sooo many directions. But I’m going to keep it simple. When a person seduces another, it’s never their true and real self on display. No one, I repeat, NO ONE, can intoxicate another’s senses 24h a day. That means that even in their sleep, the person would be alluring the other to a state of mild bliss. No one is that good. But the whole point of the quote was to deal with the things that blind us in life; the things that act as enchantress/or; the things that slowly work their way into becoming mini-gods in our lives. Ask anyone who started smoking cigarettes and is now addicted…or the addict who dies from an overdose. The initial lure was “great” and very seductive; but ends up damaging us beyond belief.


The reality of the matter is this: the things that appear to be good for us, aren’t. How many people have we liked, only to see them become something Very different later on in life? Do not, do not my child, take seduction for reality.


In turn, get to know that wo/man…his/her representative (the person you meet on dates and see during the week a few times) is NOT who you will marry. You marry the person who is X, Y and isn’t “together” in all areas. And that’s ok; we all are working on something.


Here’s to happy thinking..


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