Day Watch

As I sit and think about the way God distributes gifts on earth, my mind is boggled. I wonder about how many situations that God sent to me, to show himself strong to others around me.

I have a relative who is relocating from one region of the US to another. The biggest thing that I received as confirmation on Sunday surrounded, writing out the transition points. Why is the move happening? What conditions made it favorable? How did we go about facilitating the move and Why is this [writing it down] necessary?

As I look over family history, one thing is certain: you never know where your lineage will go. I am a product of 14 people: 4 great-grandparents on each side, 4 grand parents, 2 parents. If I use my life as an example, when families’ migrate, they do so, for good reason.

This season of my life is one that is ground breaking. My mentality is transcending. God, as I knew him, was small. God, as I know him, is so tremendous, I struggle to keep up. And just when I get snuggled back into my box and pull up the warm blanket of familiarity, there is a word that jolts me out. Typically it’s a sermon, but sometimes its something that happens in life. Mark my words: this time next year, many things will be very different.


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