Heart Control

I read a blog today that talked about Miriam — you know, the sister of Moses. She was able to use her tongue in powerful ways. She led praise, she was the link to getting her mother to nurse Moses. . But then there was this other time where she spoke against Moses, and God punished her for it.

That story makes me wonder how many times I’ve talked wrongly about someone. Regardless of if they were being used by God or not. We are all God’s kids right? So talking against someone is something that we shouldn’t do. We all know this. We also know that there are a million ways that we can spend that time doing something important to benefit ourselves.

Gaining control over the tongue is about as hard a task as any — for it’s so easy to fly off the handle. I guess getting control of the tongue really means getting control of our hearts. Man — today is one of those days where I feel like all my “progress” is really only a few inches away from where I began!


One thought on “Heart Control

  1. Thank you for your transparency Tots. We are all in this “tongue” problem camp. I often find it hardest while driving. I have to ask for forgiveness because of what I said… The neat thing is you can still track progress… (+) is better than (-)….

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