Confessions of a Masochist #1

Today, I decided that I would ratchet (borrowed from all self-respecting Southerners) my ab workout up a few notches. The routine is fairly simple, consisting of a small 4 exercise circuit, with 20 reps in each set. Below is a catalogue of my thoughts throughout the workout.

Pre-work out warm up & cardio:
– This guy is really cheesy and this is way too easy..

– Wow! There goes the first beads of sweat — this is going to be great.
– Wait… this warm up definitely is… dope! Let’s get Hot!!

– Man that was cool — I’m ready to go for the abs after this stuff!

Ab circuit:
: The V’s:
– Hmm.. never did this version.. Up we go!
– (rep 4) Exhale…inhale… ugh!
– (rep 10) — am I counting right? (recaps reps..) Dang.. I guess I am.

– (rep 20) — I made it! DANNNNG that looked muuuch easier.

:Leg Climbers:
– Again, I’ve never done this… seems ok.. At least each leg counts as one.
– (rep 7) — ok, not terrible.. definitely feeling the lower abs on this one!

– (rep 13) — crap.. 7 to go and I’m definitely wanting to stop RIGHT now.
– (rep 20) — ahh.. now onto things I know.

– Easy! Power motor time!!
– Breezing! Now I’m feeling my stride!

:Cross body’s:
– W. T. F.
– See above w/sweat beads
– See above w/sweat beads plus anticipation of being done and moving onto plank poses.

"Take a break and we’ll come back for 2 more sets"

– DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN Gina!!!! I forgot about the other sets!!!

Set 2:
– Blur of fatigue, modifications and short pauses to adjust form.

Set 3:
– Definitely feeling like a fat kid the first day of track practice. My body will thank me later…my body will thank me later..I will thank my body later..I will thank my body later…positive visualisations of me with a better and more stable core…my body is cursing me now…oh crap, I definitely feel like I should get out of childs pose in this "rest" period, as it’s making me mildly nauseous…

"On to planks!"
– Modified like a mug! Feeling a bit more confident and only slightly less like an orca…

And we’ll do it again manana…


One thought on “Confessions of a Masochist #1

  1. Phew, just got my workout in with ya through this blog. No lie…. You took us in… Laughing now though… – “This guy is really cheesy and this is way too easy..” Happy for you and your goals! Go tots Go!

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