My mind makes sounds akin to thinking. And my eyes travel back over my personal history…a place where I was called an oasis by a con.

That word has a different meaning now. Oasis. I understand it now. Draws to mind the deeper things that come, when a person is in an oasis. You feel that you have enough psyche space to be whomever you desire to be, within that moment…whether talking crazily about past dangerous memories of jumping off of high places; or being open and sharing pieces of oneself (akin to what the celebrities do in their rehab shows..); an oasis helps you be you.

:0) hope you find an oasis.


One thought on “Oasis.

  1. a true oasis is fresh water in a dying land. continue to be H20 to this bland world greentots; you being you is what we need….and nothing less.

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