Crisis Management

When I was coming out into the new chapter of my life, things were confusing, scary, and rocky. Emotionally I felt incredibly free but I was not sure what to do with this new found freedom. I felt physically unstressed and unburdened. I didn’t know I had been so pressured until I was on the other side. But as the dust settled and emotional triggers abounded; triggers that made me remember and feel stressed/pressured/under attack, I coined a simple phrase:

Shine in spite.

In spite of how I felt; to spite the person/thing trying to bring me down; just to prove to myself that I wasn’t going to be ‘broken’; In Spite!

As I lamented a few things about how much work is left to be done, I read that slogan and smiled.

Yes, I will shine, In Spite.


Be excellent,


One thought on “Crisis Management

  1. It is awesome to see the development of how God brings freedom to us. I many times have flashbacks of mistakes i would erase from the Book of Deeds. Somethings to shameful to share, things that would make the black hole gleam. And yeh, like you, random things trigger all my MESS into the forefront of my mind at the worst possible times. I seriously, have to pray it off… God has just brought me tooooo far; yet i know why the Caged Bird Sings. Thank you for Shine in Spite, what a great metaphor…. i too am a work in progress and wow, God is doing alot of deep digging here… Tots. I feel u tonight. keep inspiring us all…

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