Breaking Through

There was a little girl who prayed to God for a whole family.
No more arguing, no more fights; just love.
Love like they talked about in the meeting they sent her to on Sunday.
She never understood it,
Until she started thinking about her family.
God knew that what she wanted, may cause the eventual demise…
And nodded his assent,
And watched, as humans, so full of themselves
Tore their worlds apart and peace was the farthest thing from their hearts
Everyone hurting, everyone suffering, no one strong enough to
Come above their pain, to grab a piece of peace.
And that little girl…prayed and asked God to part their ways.
That if this, is what family meant, then please dear God, let it forever sever.
He cried with her that night.
For she was the only one, in her pain, to acknowledge that perhaps, there was a more perfect way…

I’ve been guilty of being the little girl in the story above. Desiring what looks right, holding fast to what might not actually be…best for me. But I leaned totally on my own ways, words, mental limitations. And I didn’t care to deeply consult God because, good things are from God…but, there’s always a more perfect way.

I am learning patience.
I am learning grace.
I have peace and will never compromise
That to get
What eventually may not be quite right.


One thought on “Breaking Through

  1. i see pain in that poem and heart cries. wow. the contradiction of a situation that handed love more as a noun than as a action verb to a young girl. Amazing the little girl knew and was exposed to a more perfect way of love… in the eye of the hurricane she saw peace with her own eyes, through God… Even if getting that piece meant separation of reality between what was seen between the church and state…”state of the home condition.” On the compromise tip, I definitely see where you are coming from… it is hard to get what “is” right, if what “feels” right (mind, body, soul) seems to be what is right in front of you. Sometimes I see things right in front of me, that I know aren’t good for me, yet because they are right there, as opposed to something else, the very thought of waiting for the right things seems too faaarrrr off. I have FULL faith and assurance in your ability to discern your future mate and family. You will not make the same mistakes as the parents in the poem. You will create a new standard; as a matter of fact, you already have.”I have peace and will never compromise that to get what eventually may not be quite right.” Excited for what God has for you!

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