Light Up the Darkness

Passion is an infection. I watched "I am Legend" again, and realised how far passion will drive us. That movie inspires me to chase what burns within. And, simply put, you can not stop a (wo)man infected by their passion. He stayed behind; sending his wife and child on…and ultimately defending his passion, with his life. While we don’t sit in circumstances as dire as the scenes in "I am Legend" we do sit at a precipice each day. We sit at the cross road between making strides to perfect and achieve our passions and doing what we’ve always done.Those decisions make us or break us.

Sometimes they turn us into the shoulda, woulda, coulda people that we all try to avoid. Other times they make us bold and daring, wondering what if we had only…

I know it’s hard sometimes to accept what we’ve been put here to do. But it’s so much easier to do that, than pretend or half-ass (sorry..) something else.


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