Living in the Past…

The greatest moments in life,
Are ones indescribable through words.
Only re-creatable in form…
The warmth of a hug,
The all knowing smile
A tearful hello
An emotional good bye.
I want to pause live reality,
Soak up the essence of the moment
And wring it out across my days.

Why can’t I stay
Freeze-frame this bastard march of time
And lay right at the height of the moment…
For a little while.



One thought on “Living in the Past…

  1. I am always amazed at how you are able to capture photos of life through your words. Your words and thoughts are consistently deep about really deep topics, and yet DEEP about really simple topics like enjoying the *moments* of life. Because of you, I am now starting to demand MORE. More depth in the books I read, articles I read, and media that I let enter my mind. Life is so much deeper than surface. Thank You for not only diving deep, but helping me the richness of your mind in all of its form.

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