ODB: No More Struggle

– No More Struggle –

Side Note: Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Sister!

Jan 25th.

Why is life a struggle? Why are we constantly at war? Whether passively or actively; it seems that there is always something to struggle against, always something that is not “right.” And in the moments of rest between battles, we are allowed reprieve to reflect on our new position (hopefully not a defeated one) and gain strategy for the next upcoming battle. The bible relates our struggle back to the fall from grace, of Adam.

Without getting into the story of neither creation, nor what the penalty of sin was for Adam and *all* of creation, it’s easy to see that being made in the image of God, is no cakewalk. We are always fighting for territory and if we don’t fight for it, we will end up with: A) Whatever’s left or, B) Something that we don’t want. It is an exhausting thing to think about the number of battles we face daily. On our jobs, within the community, and sometimes in our own homes! Peace runs long like the Nile river, if we’re in the palm of his hands. But sometimes, even when you’re ‘taken care of,’ it feels like there is no peace to be found.

It is at that point that the battle is most intense and the push or press has to be strongest. Often times in basketball, teams will move to a full court press when the game is tight and on the line with time running out. That’s what must happen when our backs are against the wall, and we feel like God isn’t moving on our behalf (or fast enough). When we feel like we are about to lose everything we gained in our uphill struggle, we have to press just a little while longer to get into the presence of God. Where the Spirit is, there is liberty and fullness of joy. You can’t have joy and think about how dead tired you are, at the same time. One feeling or the other will reign supreme.

Pushing into the presence of God is less singing the right songs and more singing songs that speak about how you feel. Sometimes I will make up a melody and sing a prayer to God while in the shower. Just me and Him. And what’s funny is the song will start off talking about how I feel about life and somewhere in thanking him for life and saying that I know he will work it out, I go from singing and saying it, to actually believing and feeling it. His presence fills my praise and I am overcome. And through that simple act (of being overcome) my burdens are transferred from me, to Him. My worry moves off of “things” and onto “I must get closer to God.”

Push into his presence; see the strategy for renewal and revival; come back rejuvenated.

He’s Awesome,



One thought on “ODB: No More Struggle

  1. tA,
    this is the most touching article i have read this year. i mite have to follow in ur steps. thanks for the inspiration and another way to reach out to God.

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