Accelerated Thinking..

I have been on a corporate fast since the beginning of January. Having never done a spiritual fast before, (shame shame) I was excited to see what God would reveal and ignite.

The fast has been my catalyst to some amazing growth. There were areas that I highlighted in my strategic life plan, which came to pass THIS MONTH. WOW. I asked God to use me, to help me use gifts, which I didn’t understand how they would fit. He started that last year, and the fast has blown my mind away.

The ways that He’s tuned me into the power of relationships (even the people who present themselves as unloveable), the beauty (and lack of sometimes) of trusting in Him, and the power of prayer. This fast has accelerated me out of the areas that I was previously contained in some regard.

I didn’t get everything I desired in 2010. And, while it was a year of growth and amazing change, I still realize areas that I was doing things “my way.” But by God, I see how miraculous He is, and I’m blown away by the impact of the fast on my spiritual life and growth.

“I won’t ever be the same…not after being with you Jesus..”

I’ve encourage anyone if they’re waiting on hearing something from God; seeking to break out of containment; desiring Him to illuminate his ultimate direction…jump on a fast. A Daniel fast, a fast from something that you indulge in (cellphone, radio, confusion..)…Watch God Work.


One thought on “Accelerated Thinking..

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing. If you get a chance– there is this little sliver of a book called God’s Chosen fast which I am reading now. It’s just a few dollars, but it is really eye opening for what to do and what the spiritual implications are of fasting. It may give some insight for the future when you are called to lead others. Be well

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