Holy Days, New Revelation, Bottom Insight

Wednesday – My pastor challenged the congregation to love someone who we saw as ‘un-loveable’.
Friday – Candle light service. The large themes were “All of heaven wondered why a King would choose to be born a baby, a baby born to die” and “Maybe God isn’t trying to do something ‘to’ you, he’s trying to do something ‘through’ you”
Saturday – Christmas day. Full of surprise gifts and wow moments.
Sunday – Getting a deeper understanding of the people who are filling my circle…slowly.

Wow. I have been infiltrated. My thoughts, my actions, my heart. Everything that I have been dealing with internally has been put on front street and loved on! The things I held close to my, like a comforter…trying to re-teach myself new ways…trying to see myself the way God sees me… trying to let some relationships die and breathe fresh sweet life into others (you know feed the flame and it will grow — all positive)… Wow. God just used the people in my life to show me my growth!

I’m loving it all.

The new year is coming and it is a new day! A new dawn! I’m feeling fine….. : – D


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