The Life Equation

If I stand, naked in front of you
Emotions oozing out of me the way sweat drips from pours on a hot and muggy day;
Would you be my drink of cold water?
Could you be my cooling breeze?
Or would you turn away, because I was wet

Wet from living life;
Soaking sometimes in my own sadness
Dripping in my own personal desires,
For love
For unity
For a safe haven
For an oasis among men.

If I could stand naked in front of you
With my depth on display like precious jewels….
Would you steal them as your precious protected treasure?
Guarding them from hurt and harm?
Or would you claim them fakes? Costume jewelry with the ‘real stuff’ labeled as something else, in your mind?
And say that they weren’t worth what the tag espoused?
Would you entice me into a bidding war,
Making me think you were going to purchase and then walk away right as I give you
The announcement that you’ve, indeed, won the bid?
Turning the other bidders away,
Only to find that the new owner has found something else to occupy attentions…

If I was brave enough, to stand naked in front of you
With my emotions plain,
Could you deal with them?
Could you help put balm on my burns
And heat to my frostbite?
Could you rub cocoa butter into my scars,
Slowly, rubbing them right away?
Can you scratch the itch in the middle of my back,
setting me free from that last bit of past…
Cutting me open to fly and soar to new heights?
Could I fail at love, with you?
Could I work at love, with you?
Or would you expect perfection?

If I was bold enough to think about standing naked
with emotions on full display,
I hope that you simply …
take my hand and invite me to sit down next to your river
Of feelings flowing from your soul.
We traverse the terrain of heartspeak,


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