Dearest Margaret.

I have known her since I was born. Her blood runs through my veins. And now I sit, watching her with tubes down her throat, helping her breath — a natural human function. I ponder on her strength, I pause to reflect on her spirit, I praise her evangelism. I wonder how many souls have been saved through her witness, and how many more encouraged through her words and wisdom. And now, the person who was always larger than life to me, lays in a fragile state, aided by the very thing I study — technology. While I am not a doctor, I am an expert in humanity. And my humanity desires her to walk again in her home. Walk again in my home. I want her to meet the children I will have in the future. I want her to meet the husband who will claim me as his prize. She’s been there for all of my greatest moments… and now, in the greatest moment…I sit, wanting her to be the way she was.

I talked with her the day before for a short while. She was happy I was back in the city. And now I see her….

I wonder if she felt the same way when she saw me as a baby, delivered at 6 months old; 3 months short…tubes running down my throat, helped by technology in 1983. Funny how we’re the same. I love you dear Margaret. Please don’t leave us yet. We have conversations to have, moments to share…kisses and hugs to exchange and a book to finish. You were writing me a letter that wasn’t yet complete. Come on Grandmummie; follow my voice…

Despite my humanity, I know that His perfect will will be done; as it is each time. 2 days before the anniversary of the day that I took that first faithful breath on this earth, she stood praying over me. Who knew that almost 27 years to the day later, I would be praying for her. We love you and praise for you. God while we desire her here with us, we know that you will be perfect (complete) in executing your plan.


One thought on “Dearest Margaret.

  1. So beautiful. No matter what, praying that His will be done is the most faithful thing that you can do…I am here in prayer.

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