Day 7 — Completion

Day 7.
7 is the number of completion. It is also a “righteous” or a holy number in many regards. So it is fitting that on day 7, 7 days before the anniversary of the day I took my first breath, that I am thinking about completion and compliment. Not to be confused with the complEment word, meaning a thing that adds to, thus making the original whole.

I am complete and perfect. In Greek, the root word perfect, means complete. Thus, I am complete and need no one/thing to make me that way. However, we all search for someone who compliments the things that make us unique and great; adding to our “power” as an individual. We search for one who understands us, and one who, despite our individual flaws, accepts and loves us as whole, unique and perfect (complete).

I have come to a point in my life where I know who I am, what I’m worth, and what I stand for. In the past year, I’ve lost some ‘friends’ for the things I’ve stood for. However, I will stand on my principles before compromising them any day. For the friend who chooses you, chooses to stand with and not against you. I know that with my personality comes depth and sometimes conflict within that depth. After all, I am an engineer who write/sings/does artistic things. How can a linear mind be also artsy?

A dynamic balance of power, though one that also sometimes stands in conflict. In understanding this feature, my friends unlock dynamic potential in my person. I stand at a pivot point in my life; searching to be not who *I* desire to be…I desire to be who I was created to be.

I desire to fulfill my purpose. I have never been so close to getting in lock step with what God wants for me. You might be asking what am I waiting for; what’s stopping me. Well it’s all a process right? And in refining gold, sometimes you have to wait for it to cool, in order to plunge it back into the fire. Where I’m at right now, is right above the fire, about to plunge into the depths of the heat again.

In gaining understanding about all the moving parts that God is shifting within me, I have started reading a book devoted to showing single women how to become who God called them to be; before they begin looking for a husband or fulfilling that aspect of their lives. I am guilty of being out of step with this part of my life and only recently have begun to seek God in this manner/area of my life to guide me. And that’s been easy, when God and I were in agreement. But when we weren’t in agreement and I had to “trust” God… things became hard, and I became distant from the Creator. How sad! I know. But in learning my failure, I had to apologize and turn away from the way that *I* wanted to live my life. Lol.

The group I’m in, Zamar Rising, has a piece about this called God and Me (If God had a classroom). It talks about how we SAY we want God to be our head, but how we ACT out what we want: our own will.

Anyway, on this day of completion, I am reflective and pensive. Understanding just how far God has transformed my life in the past 365 days. I am thankful of his awesome power and forgiveness. Motivated by his swift action and I’m seeking to be excellent in my endeavors. It’s time to go to work.


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