A Closet Meditation


You understand me. Here in our space there is no misunderstanding..no hurt feelings…no disappointments of un met expectations…no frustrations..no hopes un met. Just you and me and your presence. Oh how i wish men on earth could be this pleasing…but they aren’t..I’m not. What is the recipe to not be met with hurt feelings when those who are close crush our aspirations? When our desires for acknowledgment are met with half hearted glances through distracted lenses?

How should we cope with this? How can our humanity handle such deflation without turning cool? Help us O Lord be excellent to one another, but when we are not..soothe our hearts….they hurt and then hot tears fall. And the only thing that hugs us is silence.

Wrap us in your comfort and quicken our fellow men to see our bleeding wounds. Help us find miles of mutual grounds in the plains of understanding and love.

Thank you God,


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