Day 19 — I am like a flower reaching toward sunlight

Perhaps the strongest relationship we have in life (should be) with ourself. As I reflect on the relationship that I have with myself — I don’t fool myself very often.
(I outsmart myself all the time… place an extra snack in my bag; leave a spare charger in my travel bag for when I forget the charger at home…)
What I’m saying is that my relationship with myself is one where generally, I know what I’m getting.

I know when I have an attitude and need to avoid the people I love (b/c I’m going to snap on them..), I know when I’m juiced up and about to do something magnanimous. But it started in 2001..when I told a friend, mD, that I was going to “be better.”

I realized that there was a gap b/t who I:

 – Said I was;
 – Who I actually was; and,
 – Who I wanted to become

The gaps in some regards were astonishing. But what it showed me is that I had a lot of work to do, if I wanted to become who I always said I was. (: Read that one slow!! Let it digest…

No seriously though..once I began the process of recognizing who I was..the world couldn’t stay the same. Well perhaps the world didn’t stay the same. I think once you realize WHO you are, you begin to see the world differently. And as a result, you interact with the world differently, and subsequently your “world” changes.

I’m so amazingly thrilled that my world didn’t stay the same. Because if it had; what would that say about me?

Pfft…not much.

Here’s to growth; Ciao,



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