Strategic Value of Clear Space

There is a part of our minds that has no sense of time. There is no past, present, future. Everything exists in the mind as it stands — now. Psyche ram has limited space. . .

When we sit and allow things to occupy our mind — past failures, hurts, things that we need to do, things that we’ve done poorly, etc — we are taking up psyche space. We are devoting energy away from new ideas and putting them toward things that aren’t working out. Believe it or not, there is an inverse relationship between things that are on your mind and what’s getting done. We think about so many things, instead of getting them OUT of our minds and onto/in our inbox (or on paper). Even if we wrote down the stuff that we don’t want to deal with, it’s better than keeping it in our minds.

Our head is for making ideas, not holding them.

So what gets in my way of dumping all of everything that is on my mind down onto a piece of paper? *takes off coat, sits down*

I’m afraid of my own mind! There is sooo much going on in there, that I feel like I will keep finding things that I haven’t done, need to do, need to follow up on that I will never be done writing! hahahaha. Well for the next 24 hours, I’m going to keep a pad and write down everything that comes to mind as “something” on my life to do list. What normally happens is that we have so much of our lives that happen, live and ultimately die, in our minds. It’s no wonder we’re stressed out, mentally drained, unable to be 100% present in moments.

Our attention has us held hostage, instead of us directing our attention. How then, do we move from being a hostage to directing our attention? We have to get out of our cerebral selves and move into dictating from our mind to the paper. Just that mere act clears the space of our mind. (But after you write it down, you eventually have to do something about it… or something else will take up the space in your mind. You’ll be thinking about all those things you wrote down!)

I listened to a presentation today and it inspired me to begin to get more done with the 24hrs that are allotted to me each day.

Cheers to getting things done,


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