Get Rain, Wind… Fall.

My favorite season has always been Fall. There is something about it that makes me feel like the Earth is relaxing finally, from yelling at us through the summer. Then the leaves turn colors, and we get to experience nature around us. We see the beauty in the trees, we feel and hear them as the dried leaves crunch under our feet. We feel crisply cool winds blow while experiencing the settling process of nature.

My second favorite thing about nature is wind. If I had to be anything else, I’d love to be the wind. It comes from the heavens and sweeps into every possible crevice on the surface of earth. The winds remind me of times past and of moments to come. The winds make me feel at one with my ancestors and the hope that they lived with. They survived some amazing times, to enable me to be here. For that, I am amazingly grateful, so I love the wind. I also love the wind because as a child, riding my bike was the only quick transportation I had. So when I rode my bike, I felt the wind. Something about the wind always calmed my mind and made me feel like whatever I was going through at the time was going to be ok. Something about the wind lifted me above my present activity and made me know that everything was working out for the good.

How fortunate for me, that even at a young age, God was showing me how he communicates to us, through the small things. So whenever I imagine getting into God’s room — I picture my spirit sailing on the wind, on it’s return path back to the heavens. It’s an amazing exercise that allows me to instantaneously focus on God and his ability in my life – no matter how overwhelmed I was feeling. I wish everyone had an escape like this, that would help them get directly into God’s echelon. It’s easy. For me, it was identifying something that reminded me of ultra calm and peace.


Both of those two – Fall and the wind – remind me of God in the way that he masterfully directs the universe. And while others scurry to get out of the rain, I enjoy taking walks in the rain. Something about being in the element of what is happening always makes me direct attention away from how ‘bad’ or ‘full’ or ‘busy’ or ‘sad’ or ‘mad’ I am about something and just enjoy life within that moment. I get fully present. When it rains at night, sometimes I open the window to listen to the rain hit the surfaces that are outside. There are things in this earth that can never be cloned. The feelings I get going through this small exercises are almost euphoric.


I suppose I say all of this to say that I hope everyone has a way to calm their minds and soothe their souls. Our harried schedules and racing minds on information overload allow us to forget that our spirits are apart of a huge puzzle. We have to be aware. We have to increase our awareness and be responsible for that and to that. I pray every day for God to release more peace in my spirit and more love in my heart. While I am generally relaxed, I always need more peace – like a calm wind; more love – like a gentle rainstorm and only God can provide me with that.


It’s hard sometimes being the person asking for that, when situations seem like you would be better off losing your cool and giving people a piece of your mind…but ask for peace. Ask for longsuffering. Ask for ways that God can show himself to you, when you’re feeling like all is going in the wrong direction. Sometimes in the silence we don’t learn about the situation. Sometimes in the silence we DON’T get the solution; sometimes in the silence we get to know ourselves. We get to know more about our similitude to the Triune creator of all. What helps you settle into the presence of God?

Peace and Silence,



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