Chasing Sunshine

Originally posted: 8/30/2010

I read something about chasing sunshine. The thought realistically said that chasing sunshine can make us happier people, because we’re focusing on how to make ourselves happier, not, on the problems of life that surely come. How often do we make the choice to live happy lives? Or are we just living lies? Grabbing things that look like they make us happy, but, when we look around our lives, we only see a few people or a few things that truly bring a smile to our hearts?

This is why I’m more certain than ever, that happening to life, insetad of letting life happen to you — is drastically important. There is only one way to make sure that this happens — you have to never lose sight of your dreams, and never stop pushing to reach them. You have to enjoy the simpleness of each day.

That’s why the two funniest people I know, are both under the age of 10. They make me laugh like you wouldn’t believe. The tenderness of the young. And I don’t take myself too seriously. I remember being so stressed out earlier this year that I lost weight and hair. I vowed never to be that imbalanced ever again in my life. And if that means that I have to let people, things or dried out versions of reality go — then I’m prepared to make that choice. And because I’ve made it now, I won’t compromise later..



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