The pot at the end of the rainbow…

Between the arms of a giant would you feel invincible? Would you feel like you could jump off of a cliff and fly instead of fall? Would you finally feel safe enough to admit a deep rooted fear?

What stops us from “getting over” is ourself. We have enough resource, we know the right people (and if we don’t know the right people, we know someone who knows someone), and we have the energy. Through these three avenues, we develop the future we want to have, tomorrow. But there’s always something that limits us: The limiting factor, then, is ourselves.

When will we get sick enough of being where we are, and decide that it’s time to pack up and leave the desert that we’re in? Perhaps that is the thing that has made me successfully withstand some situations in my life, over other people who have been in the same predicament. If God allows my mind to overcome and see myself as a whole and functionally better individual, then through pushing toward that image, I will become better. I will not be tormented by the “well my dad didn’t do this,” or “if only I would’ve better used my time there,” and we can’t forget “well I wasn’t born with,” There is no better time than now.

We possess enough information to inspire, encourage, build up and destroy the person we stare back at, in the mirror. You know your kryptonite (your own achillis heel). But you also know what makes you fly. Gravitate toward the latter and SOAR.

Now, perhaps, if it is a person who will help you get to that precipice, get yourself in order (clean house of cobwebs), and walk confident until you find the eyes that return the gentleness that you seek. Either way, break the chain that’s kept you in the same sphere…God speed!


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