Continuously deciding to live by faith…

Ain’t easy. You have to continuously challenge the smallest things about yourself. The little thoughts about your future and even the pontential that hasn’t manifested into action around you.

As your challenging yourself to live by faith, you can not possibly live in fear. That’s like saying you breath best when you’re inhaling water. Ok, not the best analogy, but you get the point. Having a total reliance on God, demands that we literally let go. Let go of the “what if’s” along with any other apocalyptic type imaginations that we have going on.

My pastor mentioned something in his sermon yesterday. We have 5 senses to access the world, and only one to access God; so anything that God is attempting to download to us, will get muddled if we don’t have our 5 senses under subjegation of the Holy Spirit. What has God tried to tell me lately that I’ve filtered through my human/mortal/LIMITED senses? The answer is simple: Too Many Things.

How do we begin to turn this off? I think the first step is acknowledging that we actually ARE influenced more than we thought. The rest, is dependant upon your own individual path, your own individual salvation and the way that you understand the God you serve, best.

[but that still doesn’t make it easy… this ain’t no Betty Crocker cake…but then again, my GOD isn’t a cookie cutter god!]


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