Opening Up and becoming transparent enough…

Every time I turn around, he’s making a way…

For me to become better; For me to see His glory; For me to understand more about ME and how he is going to utilize me to show his power and might. . .
I read in the book “The Prayer of Jabez” that when we begin to get cocky/comfortable, we are dangerously close to being out of the full power that God wants for us. Essentially what the author is saying (that I just butchered above) is that when we’re fully relying on God, he is taking us to new dimensions and new levels (“from faith to faith”). What happens to the natural man, outside of his comfort zone? We begin to feel uncomfortable and anxious/unsure. So the parallels are evident, to what the author is stating.

Today, I was out of my comfort zone, but completely in the will of God. I’m pleased to stand in the gap, although I’m finding that this way is a delicate one.


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