Ministry in unUSUAL places

What does the world look like when you view it through the eyes of God? Furthermore, what does a “holy” relationship, pre-marriage look like?

I’ve often heard people say that men and women can not be platonic friends. As I ponder that question while sipping some water, I think to myself, perhaps we weren’t meant to be platonic, all things being equal. I say that because, you can be great friends with a fe/male and comfort them with a hug, the way that a person of the same sex, cannot. No, the hug doesn’t have to be laced with lust or sexual innuendoes, but sometimes, just the proximity causes balm to be poured over wounds. So perhaps, we aren’t meant to be platonic friends, but, perhaps there’s another level when you look through the eyes of God that doesn’t involve a person’s outward man, but their inner.

I don’t know, or espouse to know what the world looks like through the eyes of God. I know that it’s a world full of possibilities and a world without fear. I know it’s a world where people are able to rely fully on the Master and nothing is “out of reach”, if we just used our faith ladder. So I challenge myself and others out there to take a look at the world through God’s eyes. Perhaps your intentions will be more plain to those around you, and vice versa. This world He created is awesome, and I’m so very blessed to be living in such a time as this. Yes, a time of turmoil, yes a time of extremity; but a time meant for me, and I for it. I’m going to try my best to begin to look at the world through God’s eyes; I’m sure I’ll be amazed at the opportunities ahead!


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